Arredondo, Jessica

Abducted, beaten, raped; suspect murderer never charged; Nov 1988

Jessica Ann Arredondo, 21, liked to care for her brand new 1988 Mustang convertible that she had just purchased on her own. It was her pride and joy. She was also very fond of her dog, Frosty.

Jessica was employed by US West as an Information Operator. On the evening of Nov 25, 1988, she and her boyfriend were going to meet some friends, but she decided to drop him off instead and pick him up later. An eyewitness saw Jessica being followed or chased by one or two cars. She was involved in a minor car accident at the corner of 7th & Jackson in Denver. Her car was found there, locked with flashers on.

The next day, her body was discovered just off Highway 36 near Estes Park. No one has ever been charged with this crime. Five years later, waitress Rhonda Mallony was kidnapped and murdered by Robert Harlan who is now on death row in Cañon City. Harlan was an Information Operator at US West in 1988. He denies killing Jessica. 
Date Missing:  
Date of Death: 11/26/1988 
Jurisdiction: Larimer County 
Location: Highway 36 near Estes Park 
Local Case Number: 88-18317 
CBI Case Number:  
Case Status: Unresolved
Case Type: Homicide 
Detective Name and Phone: Steve Koenig 970-498-5168